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The Rumcar Website
« on: October 02, 2009, 10:48:46 AM »
As you know Jim Janecek who lives in USA kindly rescued us from oblivion some years ago when Darren Giddings who had done such a grand job in setting it up in the first placel had to give up. However, as you also probably know Jim is deeply involved with the Vintage Microcar Club of America and the production of their magazine so the time he can give to us is very  limited. I am keen that our site does not stagnate, remaining essenntially unchanged year on year but I lack the expertise to do anything about it.  Knowing what would be nice and knowing how to achieve it are two different things!  I am hoping that someone on the forum who reads this has that expertise or knows someoe who has that expertise who would be willing to do some updating for us.
Jim tells me that he is  happy to maintain the site and the forum but it would be nice if someone could update some of the content or something.   Someone could easily be provided with the documents that could use updating or create new ones and then I could get the files from them and upload them. Sadly Jim has no time to teach anyone how to do this, so it has to be someone who knows how to do it already, or maybe the load could be spread between two or three people.
There seem to be some very knowledgable people on the Forum, so please if any one can help please make contact and lets see if we can make the body of our web site as vibrant as the Forum.   Please help.     Jean
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