Author Topic: New event, sort of - Two Stroke Rally 2011  (Read 3008 times)

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New event, sort of - Two Stroke Rally 2011
« on: September 29, 2010, 10:28:25 am »
The MEC are getting ready to have their AGM on the 14th of November. One topic is the adoption of the Two Stroke Rally which we hope to move to Toddington, a proven and successfully revisited venue for Microcars near Tewksebury. Doing so allows this event to expand as it would be organised in conjunction with the Railway there who already have experience of hosting these sort of events and it would coincide with their Festival of Transport. If this works therefore fourstroke cars can enter the Festival and join in as they wish. The normal deal is free entry and a free ticket for two on a trip by a steam drawn train to Cheltenham. Yep you are almost paid to go! There is normally a classic bus service to Broadway for the non-vehicular partners of enthusiasts. In addition the MEC will put in a dual route drive round with optional ford and so on. Hopefully this will appeal to more two stroke owners and get attendance up further. It maybe that further infrastructure is put around this event which is normally held nigh around mid June. Early days but the South needs a good event for Microcars to attend in numbers to get folk using their cars again.
The MEC also has other potential activities to look into so as to build on the far improved Take Off magazine and what should be a well settled relaunched club after a difficult period. Much depends on availability of busy people who run the club. However it is now worth joining and worth helping as we are looking to make a difference in our own way.
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