Author Topic: Zetaports makes it to cairns from Adelaide 4000km in 3 days (on back of truck)  (Read 2553 times)


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Well Shane Buchanan and I made ti back from Adelaide to Cairns 0130 wednesday morning after 3 days drive through central NSW and Queensland.

We visited Renmark Motor Museum where Zeta sports 1008 lives and enjoyed the Bay to Birdwood Vintage car rally where one of the original designers of the adelaide Zeta came and identified the car.

On our return to S&A workshop we unpacked the gear to discover FMR on one side case and nothing on the other engine strange as we will let you know engine numbers as we go further.
pics are on youtube and Picassa web albums and look for zetasports1960 for more pics later next week. Thanks and have a great weekend robin and Shane.