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Isetta door
« on: June 12, 2015, 04:48:48 pm »
So been bumping out the dents on my Isetta door this week. Still got to repair the hinge points which is by far the worst area,notably the lower hinge. The hinges on my car were seized through rust originally, vandals had buckled the skin by forcing it open, and the skin had pulled away from the frame with the force. Think I will need to put a bit of tension into the skin then use a pry bar to winkle out the creased area which is behind the double skinned area. Also got a bit of welding on the door bottom, but not bad for a UK door. A previous owner loved drilling holes for lamps and mirrors, so there are a few holes to weld up too. Easy job. Do you guys weld the hinge post all the way around the skin for strength?

1959 LHD 3-wheel Isetta.