Author Topic: 2017 Messerschmitt Owner Club Rally  (Read 2810 times)

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2017 Messerschmitt Owner Club Rally
« on: September 01, 2016, 12:15:27 pm »
The Messerschmitt Owners Club Rally of 2017 is notified as being already under organisation. It is building on, firstly, the double rallies of 2015 and the feedback there from. Secondly the universally enjoyed event Grant Kearney assembled for them this July, which altered the traditions a bit further. The bar has been raised higher by these events. Its clear that 'Schmiters want a bit more out of their National get together than was traditionally the case. Not only that I think 'Schmitting might be coming out of a rather frayed period, where different groups were pulling in other directions. There seems more sense of direction and even the two clubs are attempting to come together. The signals are good, therefore for, 'Schmitting.

That should be good news for other microcars, as one of the departures in Scotland was a much more friendly approach to 'other cars' attending as guests.Thus 'schmitters, or bits of 'schmitting family, could bring a running classic even if their schmitt was de-funked, or the extra car was a support car. A sensible approach that had historically not really been approved of. Neither helping in attendance, or showing 'Schmitters in a particularly giving light. These events showed that 'Schmitters are still prepared to take on some serious driving. It could be a good time to get your 'Schmitt restoration under way.

So next years MOC International Rally (oh yes, our buds from abroad come over) will be at Uttoxeter. I just had one of the organiser to lunch. That is pretty bang dead centre of the country. Not an area I know, but one thing I am sure of. Its going to be a good event. Do not miss it.

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